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Today’s music industry is a wild, wild west, where the old rules no longer apply. It’s never been easier for musicians to create, record and independently distribute their work, and to find new fan bases all over the country…. But with artists earning fractions of a penny off each digital stream, selling merch like vinyl has become more important than ever.

Our founder, Caren Kelleher, knew this her work from managing bands and leading music partnerships at Google. On both sides of the business, she saw how critical vinyl was becoming to the music industry. She also discovered how hard it was to get it made. When ordering vinyl for her clients, she (and other managers she knew) would wait up to six months to get final product delivered, only to receive poorly-made records. This was keeping fans from getting the vinyl they craved and musicians from earning revenue.

That’s why we built Gold Rush Vinyl. We focus on high-quality, fast-turnaround vinyl made here in our new Austin, Texas pressing plant. Whether you’re looking to press 100 or 10,000 copies of your record, we are here to help you bring your vinyl dreams to life.

High-quality: Each record pressed at Gold Rush Vinyl is hand-inspected by our dedicated team. Of the hundreds of thousands of records that have left our, less than 0.01% have been returned for quality review. If there ever is a quality issue, we work to resolve it quickly.

Fast-turnaround: From start to end, our jobs typically ship in 6-weeks. We also offer a rush option, as needed. Your turnaround starts when we have your music, art-approvals and deposit.

Customer-focused: We are a team of musicians and music-fans ourselves, who have all been on the receiving end of bad vinyl pressings. In everything we do, we try to make the vinyl pressing experience as easy and rewarding as possible, and always welcome feedback.

Questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQ page.