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What formats do you press? 
We press 7″ and 12″ vinyl records in various colors and weights. To see examples of our work, visit our photo gallery.

Do you press your records in-house? 
Yes, every Gold Rush Vinyl record is pressed and hand-inspected in Austin, T.X., U.S.A, by our dedicated team.

What types of projects have you worked on? 
We’ve pressed records for bands and brands of all shapes and sizes — DIY artists, Grammy winners, arena headliners, ad agencies, you name it! Whether this is your first vinyl project or you have pressed records before, we are here to help you bring your creative vision to life.

What inspired your name?
Gold Rush Vinyl was created for the musical pioneers and road warriors who cannot wait months for records to be made. We make high quality (“Gold”), fast-turnaround (“Rush”) records (“Vinyl”) so that artists can grow their careers.

How do you achieve your turnaround times?
Gold Rush’s new 8,400 sq ft facility was built “different by design” to ensure machinery uptime. By managing your project end-to-end we can also better control the production process to ensure you get records quickly.

Can I host an event at Gold Rush?
We are cranking out records day and night, so we are selective about how many events we host. If you are interested in hosting a private event or booking a tour of the factory, please contact us at howdy@goldrushvinyl.com.


Do you offer quantity price breaks?
The largest fees in any pressing are the set-up charges for lacquers, stampers and printing. The more units you order, the lower the per unit cost, as those set-up fees get spread out.

Do you have quantity minimums or maximums? 
No, we do not have any minimums or maximum quantities for your order. If you are looking for less than 50 units, though, we would recommend working with a hand-cut vinyl shop (like our friends at Austin Signal) as a better option for your short run.

Do you have a rate card?
Every record pressing project is unique (just like your music!). To make sure we properly capture all the details of your project during the ordering process, we create custom quotes for every job. You can get yours here.

What are your turnaround times?
Our turn times are the fastest in the industry: the “Gold” standard is 6 weeks and “Rush” is 4 weeks. Your turnaround clock starts when we’ve received music, deposit and proof approval on your artwork.

What are your payment terms?
We offer 5% off your project if it is paid in-full upon order; otherwise we require 50% deposit to start your project, and 50% upon test press approval. If we are shipping your records, you will be sent an invoice to be paid before the boxes are mailed.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept ACH / wire transfers, cash, check, PayPal or major credit cards.


How long can my record be?
For 7″ records, we recommend no more than 5 minutes per side at 45 RPM; for 12″ records, we recommend no more than 21 minutes per side at 33 RPM. Anything longer than those times will require 
compromises in how we cut your records and how they ultimately sound.

I want to know how my music will sound on vinyl. Could you listen to the tracks? 
We would recommend a reference lacquer, which is essentially a first draft of what the record will sound like. This is the best opportunity to hear what your album will sound like on vinyl before you make an investment in the final lacquers and stampers.

What file formats do you need? 
We can accept file sizes up to 32 bit & 192kHz. If it’s between 24 bit and 16 bit, 24 bit is always best, ideally “mastered for vinyl.”

Do you need individual tracks or can I send you Side A and Side B files? 
Either is fine! Please provide a cue sheet / track list if you are uploading individual files.

Can I send you lacquers?
Yes, we can accept lacquers, but do need a heads-up before you ship them. (Lacquers can be easily damaged and should not be left sitting around!). Note that if you do provide your own lacquers, we cannot guarantee a turnaround time since we do not have control over that production process.


Do you have templates for artwork?
Yes, please pull from these template folders: 12″ projects or 7″ projects

Can you accept art that was formatted on another company’s templates?
Because we don’t know your artwork as well as you do, we ask that you please use our templates to ensure it matches your expectations when we go to print.

What file format should I send it in? 
We can accept Photoshop, Illustrator or PDF files. Please provide hi-res art, with all font types turned into objects, and guidelines removed.

Can I provide my own packaging? 
You are welcome to send us packaging, but if you do provide your own packaging we cannot guarantee a turnaround time since we are not managing the production process.

Do you provide download cards? 
While we do not host downloads, we are happy to receive any download cards you want us to insert in your records; just be sure to mail them to us by the time you’ve been mailed your test presses!